Winter In Turkey: Ski Resorts And Snowy Destinations

Imagine yourself surrounded by snow-capped mountains, gliding effortlessly down powdery slopes, and cozying up with a hot cup of Turkish tea by a crackling fireplace. Winter in Turkey offers all this and more, with its diverse range of ski resorts and snowy destinations. From the popular resorts of Uludağ and Palandöken to the hidden gems of Kartalkaya and Sarıkamış, Turkey invites you for an unforgettable winter adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice looking for a new experience, Turkey’s ski resorts and snowy destinations will leave you breathless with their stunning landscapes and warm hospitality.

Ski Resorts in Eastern Anatolia

Eastern Anatolia in Turkey is home to some of the most captivating ski resorts in the country. Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the snowy landscapes, there are several ski resorts in this region that cater to all types of winter adventurers.

Palandöken Ski Resort

Palandöken Ski Resort, located in Erzurum, is one of the most popular ski destinations in Eastern Anatolia. With its stunning slopes and breathtaking views, it offers a truly unforgettable skiing experience. The resort boasts a variety of slopes suited for both beginners and experienced skiers, making it an ideal destination for everyone. And if you’re a night owl, you’ll be delighted to know that Palandöken offers night skiing as well.

Sarıkamış Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Ski Resort, nestled in the Kars province of Eastern Anatolia, is another must-visit ski destination. Known for its pristine slopes, the resort offers a range of challenging runs for advanced skiers, as well as gentle slopes for beginners. One of the highlights of Sarıkamış Ski Resort is the stunning landscape surrounding the area, which adds to the overall charm and tranquility of the resort.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort

Kartalkaya Ski Resort, located near Bolu in the Western Black Sea region, is a popular choice for both local and international visitors. Its convenient location makes it easily accessible from major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. The resort boasts a variety of slopes suitable for all skill levels, making it a perfect destination for families and groups of friends. Additionally, Kartalkaya is known for its excellent snow quality, ensuring a fantastic skiing experience.

Ski Resorts in Central Anatolia

Central Anatolia is home to some extraordinary ski resorts that offer a unique winter experience. From the heart of Turkey, you can explore a wide range of ski resorts that cater to all levels of skiing ability.

Erciyes Ski Resort

Erciyes Ski Resort, situated near Kayseri, is renowned for its challenging slopes and stunning views of the nearby Mount Erciyes. With a range of slopes suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers, the resort provides an excellent skiing experience for all. Erciyes also offers world-class facilities, including ski schools, equipment rentals, and accommodations, making it a top choice for winter sports enthusiasts.

Ilgaz Ski Resort

Ilgaz Ski Resort, located in the Ilgaz National Park in Kastamonu, is a true gem in Central Anatolia. Surrounded by lush forests and snow-covered peaks, the resort offers a serene and picturesque setting for winter activities. Ilgaz boasts a variety of slopes, from gentle runs for beginners to more challenging routes for experts. The resort also offers ski lessons for those who want to improve their skills or try skiing for the first time.

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Elmadag Ski Resort

Elmadag Ski Resort, located just outside of Ankara, is a popular choice for those seeking a quick getaway from the city. Offering spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, Elmadag provides a range of slopes suitable for all levels of skiers. The resort also offers amenities such as equipment rentals, ski schools, and cozy accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Ski Resorts in Western Anatolia

Western Anatolia is home to some of the most renowned ski resorts in Turkey. With its stunning natural beauty and excellent facilities, this region is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.

Uludağ Ski Resort

Uludağ Ski Resort, located near the city of Bursa, is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. With its impressive slopes and breathtaking views, Uludağ offers an extraordinary skiing experience for all skill levels. The resort features a variety of slopes, including gentle runs for beginners and challenging routes for advanced skiers. In addition to skiing, Uludağ offers other winter activities such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even winter hiking trails.

Bozdag Ski Resort

Bozdag Ski Resort, situated in the Aegean region, is a hidden gem for winter sports enthusiasts. With its untouched natural beauty and excellent snow quality, Bozdag offers a unique skiing experience. The resort features a range of slopes suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts. Bozdag is also known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil winter getaway.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort

Kartalkaya Ski Resort, previously mentioned as a ski destination in Eastern Anatolia, also extends into Western Anatolia. With its convenient location near Bolu, this resort attracts visitors from all over the country. The snowy peaks of Kartalkaya offer a variety of slopes suitable for skiers of all abilities. The resort is also known for its excellent snow conditions, ensuring a fantastic skiing experience.

Popular Snowy Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is not only known for its ski resorts but also for its charming snowy destinations. These places offer a magical winter experience, showcasing Turkey’s natural beauty and unique cultural heritage.


Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is famous for its stunning rock formations and fairy-tale-like landscapes. While it may be a popular destination year-round, Cappadocia takes on a whole new level of charm during the winter months. The snowy landscapes create a dreamy atmosphere, and visitors can enjoy activities such as hot air balloon rides over the snow-covered valleys or exploring the underground cities carved into the rock formations.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, located in eastern Turkey, is the highest peak in the country and holds significant cultural and historical importance. This majestic mountain offers breathtaking views and is a popular destination for mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts. During the winter months, Mount Ararat is covered in a thick blanket of snow, adding to its allure and making it a stunning sight to behold.

Abant Lake

Abant Lake, nestled in the Bolu province, is a picturesque winter destination surrounded by dense pine forests. The frozen lake, adorned with snow-covered trees, creates a tranquil and serene ambiance. Visitors can enjoy activities such as ice fishing, sledding, or simply taking a leisurely stroll around the lake to soak in the beauty of the winter landscapes.

Winter Festivals in Turkey

Turkey is known for its vibrant and diverse cultural traditions, and winter festivals are no exception. These festivals celebrate the joys of the winter season and offer a unique glimpse into Turkey’s cultural heritage.

International Kars Snow Festival

The International Kars Snow Festival, held in the northeastern province of Kars, is a delightful celebration of winter. The festival features various activities, including snow sculptures, sleigh races, and traditional music performances. Visitors can witness the incredible talent of the snow sculptors who transform massive blocks of snow into intricate works of art, adding to the festive atmosphere.

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Kite Festival in Murat Mountain

The Kite Festival in Murat Mountain, located in Elazig, is a colorful and lively event that takes place during the winter months. Participants gather from all over the country to fly kites of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The festival showcases the creativity and skill of the kite makers, as well as the enthusiasm of the attendees. It’s a truly magical sight to see the sky filled with vibrant kites, dancing and soaring against the snowy backdrop of the mountain.

Uçhisar Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Uçhisar Hot Air Balloon Festival, held in the town of Uçhisar in Cappadocia, is a unique celebration of the winter season. Visitors can witness the mesmerizing sight of colorful hot air balloons taking flight over the snow-covered landscapes of Cappadocia. The festival also includes various activities such as night glow shows, where the balloons are illuminated, creating a breathtaking display of lights against the backdrop of the winter sky.

Traditional Winter Activities in Turkey

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Turkey offers a variety of traditional winter activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions of the country.


Sledging, or tobogganing, is a beloved winter activity in Turkey. Many ski resorts offer designated sledging areas for visitors to enjoy. Grab a sled and let the thrill of sliding down the snowy slopes bring out your inner child. It’s a fun activity for families and friends to enjoy together, creating lasting memories of winter adventures.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another popular winter activity in Turkey, particularly in major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. Various ice rinks offer the opportunity to glide and twirl on the ice, whether you’re a seasoned skater or a beginner. Many of these ice rinks provide skate rentals and even offer lessons for those who want to learn this graceful sport.

Thermal Baths

Thermal baths, known as “hamam” in Turkish, are a delightful way to warm up and relax during the winter months. Turkey is famous for its thermal bath culture, and there are numerous bathhouses throughout the country where visitors can enjoy the healing properties of the thermal waters. Soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters and indulge in the traditional bathing rituals for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Winter Sports in Turkey

Winter sports enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to indulge in their favorite activities in Turkey. From skiing to snowboarding, there are a variety of winter sports to enjoy.


Skiing is undoubtedly the most popular winter sport in Turkey, and the country offers an abundance of ski resorts catering to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to take your first steps on the slopes or an advanced skier seeking challenging runs, Turkey has something for everyone. Enjoy the thrill of gliding down the snow-covered mountains and take in the breathtaking vistas that surround you.


Snowboarding is another exciting winter sport that has gained popularity in Turkey. Many ski resorts offer specialized snowboarding areas and terrain parks where snowboarders can showcase their skills. Experience the adrenaline rush as you navigate the slopes and perform tricks and jumps, all while surrounded by the stunning winter landscapes.

Ski Mountaineering

For the more adventurous winter sports enthusiasts, ski mountaineering offers a unique and challenging experience. This sport combines ski touring and mountaineering, allowing you to explore the untouched wilderness and reach new heights. Turkey’s diverse mountain ranges provide an ideal playground for ski mountaineers, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience for those up for the challenge.

Winter Wildlife in Turkey

Turkey’s diverse ecosystems are home to a wide array of wildlife, many of which thrive during the winter months. Winter presents a unique opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.

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Watching Winter Birds

Winter is an excellent time for bird enthusiasts to visit Turkey, as many migratory bird species make their way to the country during this season. From eagles and hawks soaring through the snowy skies to colorful waterfowl inhabiting the wetlands, there is an abundance of bird species to observe and photograph. Some popular birdwatching destinations include Lake Van, Birecik, and the Kızılırmak Delta.

Tracking Wild Animals

Winter provides a great opportunity to track and observe wild animals that are more active during this season. Turkey’s forests and national parks are home to various species, including wolves, bears, foxes, and deer. Join guided tours or hire a local wildlife expert to learn about their habits, study footprints, and discover the secret lives of these creatures as they navigate through the snow-covered landscapes.

Photographing Wildlife

For photography enthusiasts, winter in Turkey offers the chance to capture stunning images of wildlife against the snowy backdrop. From close-ups of birds in flight to intimate portraits of mammals in their natural habitats, the opportunities are endless. Ensure you have the proper equipment and consult with local experts or photographers to discover the best locations and techniques for capturing magical winter wildlife moments.

Cultural Aspects of Winter in Turkey

Winter in Turkey is not just about snow and outdoor activities; it’s also a time to embrace the rich cultural heritage of the country. From traditional winter cuisine to folklore and clothing, there are several aspects that make the Turkish winter unique and captivating.

Local Winter Cuisine

Winter in Turkey brings a variety of hearty and warming dishes that are perfect for the colder months. From comforting soups like lentil and tarhana to savory stews and hot beverages such as salep and boza, there is no shortage of delicious winter delicacies to try. Embrace the flavors and aromas of traditional Turkish cuisine and indulge in the warmth it brings on a chilly winter day.

Traditional Winter Clothing

Traditional winter clothing reflects the culture and heritage of different regions in Turkey. From the warm and vibrant kilims and scarves of Eastern Anatolia to the cozy woolen garments of Central Anatolia, each region has its unique style. Embrace the opportunity to dress in traditional winter clothing and experience the connection to Turkey’s history and culture.

Winter Folklore

Winter has inspired a rich tapestry of folklore and myths in Turkish culture. From tales of the mischievous snowman known as “Kardelen” to stories of the winter solstice celebrations, folklore adds an enchanting and magical element to the winter season. Immerse yourself in the stories and legends passed down through generations and discover the cultural significance of winter in Turkish folklore.

Practical Information for Winter Travel

Before embarking on a winter adventure in Turkey, it’s essential to be well-prepared and informed. Here are some practical tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Turkey for winter activities and snowy destinations is from December to February. During these months, the ski resorts are in full swing, and the snowy landscapes are at their most enchanting. However, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for fluctuations in temperature and pack accordingly.

Getting Around

Turkey has a well-connected transportation network that makes it easy to travel between cities and regions. Domestic flights, buses, and trains are popular modes of transportation for long distances. To reach ski resorts or more remote areas, it may be necessary to rent a car or use organized transportation services. Plan your itinerary accordingly and research transportation options before you travel.

Accommodation Options

Turkey offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. From cozy mountain lodges and boutique hotels near ski resorts to traditional guesthouses and luxury resorts in popular winter destinations, there is something for everyone. It’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak winter months, to ensure availability and secure the best rates.

In summary, Turkey offers a diverse range of winter experiences, from world-class ski resorts to enchanting snowy destinations and unique cultural traditions. Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking to immerse yourself in Turkish culture, winter in Turkey has something for everyone. Plan your trip, pack your warmest clothes, and get ready to embrace the magic of a Turkish winter.