Turkey’s Visa-Free Travel Boost!

Ankara, Turkey – In a strategic move to enhance its tourism industry, Turkey has announced visa-free travel for citizens of six countries. This policy, effective from December 23, marks a significant step towards making Turkey a more accessible destination for international travellers.

Key Developments:

  • Visa-Free Entry: Nationals of the UAE, USA, Canada, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia can now enter Turkey without a visa.
  • Duration of Stay: Eligible travellers can stay up to 90 days, encouraging longer visits.
  • Tourism Boost: This initiative is expected to increase the number of tourists visiting Turkey significantly.


  • Tourism Industry: The decision is poised to invigorate Turkey’s tourism sector, potentially increasing economic benefits.
  • International Relations: It also reflects Turkey’s effort to strengthen ties with these countries, enhancing cultural and economic exchanges.


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